Not sure what foods trigger you? Try using the My Symptoms App!


Checking in with a quick update today – not feeling awesome, flaring/bleeding slightly.  I’m watching what I’m eating but not being QUITE so restrictive with myself.  In terms of the AIP protocol I try to follow, albeit loosely, I’m still steering clear of tomatoes, nuts and seeds as I’m pretty positive they tear up my already-inflamed colon.

I’ve decided that I REALLY DON’T KNOW EXACTLY WHICH FOODS I HAVE INTOLERANCES OF OR AM ALLERGIC TO!  If you suffer from an Autoimmune condition like Ulcerative Colitis and are trying to treat it as much as possible with diet, than you know my frustration…

A decision I made earlier this week was to continue using an app I’d purchased/downloaded on my iphone around April of last year called “MySymptoms” by SkyGazer Labs, to record, organize and analyze the foods I was eating, supplements I was taking, exercise, etc., to see if and where some connections could be made.

How successful the app can be for identifying your “suspect” culprit foods depends on these factors:

– how often you record what you are eating

– how detailed you get about the individual ingredients of the foods you are eating

– how accurate you are with recording in “real time” – or, getting as close to the actual time a food was eaten as possible and not simply estimating.

Take a look at this app – I think it cost me a couple of dollars, $2.99 maybe for a one-time download?  Not positive on that, but I can say that whatever dollars I DID spend on it were well worth it.

*** This app is NOT meant to produce a diagnosis but aims to provide you with information about what foods, habits and maybe drugs are causing you trouble so you can more knowledgably adjust your lifestyle.

Do any of you know of or use any similar apps?? If so, PLEASE SHARE – this stuff intrigues me so much!

I plan to check in with my results once I’ve gotten a few more days of recording in the diary.  Thanks and happy Friday!

In healthful happiness,


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