Minimalist Wishes and Why

rustic minimalist.jpg

What happens when we strip away the stuff?

By one definition, it’s an art genre from the 1950’s, but Minimalism, as I’ve learned from my research, is a lot more than just a name for art.

It’s a way of living, of thinking, of doing.  And it’s a lifestyle I’m craving for several reasons.  The idea behind minimalism is to incorporate just the essentials into every part of your life and nothing more.  No excess, no clutter.  Putting less emphasis on stuff, and giving more time and energy to experiences, learning new things, accomplishing goals and dreams, living in the moment, spending less time cleaning.  Ultimately, less stress.  Um. Yes.  I want that.

To me, Minimalism equals simplicity – something I’ve never seemed to have in my life.  I see it as a holistic approach to living because the focus is on the essentials, a “back to the basics” mentality, that would allow for more time to focus on improving my health, sticking to a workout routine, lessening stress.  Many tasks, including keeping the house clean, getting out the door on time, staying organized, paying bills, and more, always seem harder for me than everyone else to manage efficiently.  So, living a simple life, seems like a lofty, foggy unattainable goal that I’ll never cross off my list.  No matter how bad I want to.

When most people think of a Minimalist home, they might picture an image like the one below.  A predominantly white, futuristic living room, with zero stuff, exposed light bulbs as lamps, maybe two pieces of furniture at most.  Sleek to a fault, with no mess or imperfection to be seen.  But that’s not the aspect of Minimalism I want to instill in my day-to-day life.


I want to adopt the mindset that less (things) is more.  Having only the essentials around with no unnecessary distractions and stress is so appealing to me.   As everyone does, there’s so much I want to do in life – books i want to read, places I want to go, things I want to learn.  But, most of the time, a pile of papers or things to clean or a drawer to organize pull me away from these goals.  I often think that if I significantly simplified my life and home, that things and stuff would no longer stand in my way. That it would be easier to get myself out of my own way…

I enjoy being innovative and re-purposing things for multiple uses.  I love to DIY and make my own useful creations out of things I already own.  Adopting a Minimalist lifestyle would force me to adapt and utilize even more creativity to make use of what I have and not simply run to the store to buy what I need or want.

Balance has never been something that comes easily to me and maybe that’s because I’ve allowed my life to become too complicated.  I’ve been feeling an urge to settle down into a simpler, easier life with less distractions and more intentional living, so maybe this Minimalist mindset is the start of a beautiful thing for me.

This list of 10 benefits of a Minimalist lifestyle pretty much sums up why I want to explore this way of moving through life.  And here are five ways that I plan to immediately implement Minimalism in our home:

  1. Cut down on our paper piles and improve our filing system – the bills, magazine articles, newsletters, coupons, pamphlets overwhelm me so easily.  Less of them would be an immediate stress relief!
  2. Clean out my closet – it’s time to give away or sell some of those clothes that I haven’t worn in literally years.  Let someone else enjoy them and lighten up my closet.
  3. Simplify my healthcare.  Clean up our diet and streamline my supplements, in order to achieve less trips to the doctor, less medication, less stress, less illness.  And more of the good things in life.
  4. Clean off – and KEEP CLEAN – our kitchen table.  It is our “catch-all” space of the house and things get buried on top of each other.  The less I allow to make it to the table, the more I’ll realize I don’t need all the crap in the first place.
  5. Devising a simple plan for accomplishing my goals.  I’m hoping that removing the junk from my physical life will automatically lessen the mental junk too, and will create space for me to focus on what I truly want to achieve in life.

Does this lifestyle appeal to you?  If so, why?  How do you try to simplify your daily life?

Here’s to a happy Monday,


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